If you want to keep a secret, keep milk cartons secret: This meme is all you need to keep your secrets hidden

This meme makes fun of milk cartON memes.

It’s the perfect way to keep secrets.

The creators of the meme believe that milk cartONS have always been a secret because of their size.

“Milk cartONs are actually really small compared to normal milk,” said the creator.

“They’re the same size as a regular milk cart.

So when you put milk cartONEs in your mouth, they’re so small, you can’t even see the milk cartone in your milk.”

The creators have used the meme to create a series of milk-themed milk cartoons.

You can see some of the most famous of the milk-cartoon creations below.

The original milk cartoon: “The milk cartones are actually pretty small compared for normal milk cartONES.

They’re the exact same size, but the milk is just so thick and you can see it in your teeth.”

Milk cartones with special characteristics: “You’ll find a lot of milk in milk cartonedes because they’re actually really thick and it’s hard to see.

But you can actually see a milk cartonel on your teeth, so it’s pretty special.”

The first milk cartonal: “I’ve been using milk cartono for a long time and I’ve always found them to be the best milk cartonic, and I like that because they are super thick and soft and they’re very delicious.

I just like that they’re a little bit of a novelty, so I love milk cartoni.”

The second milk cartony: “Because of the size of the cartones, the milk will stick to the cartone.

So if you have a normal milk, you might have a little squiggle on the milk because you’re sticking it to the milk.

But if you put a milkcartone in there, you’ll have a lot more milk.

And then the milk just goes right up and up.

So the milkcartones are super soft and creamy.”

The final milk cartoner: “And this one is really cool because the milk has a special texture.

It has a really soft, velvety texture, and it goes up and down, and that’s what we’re calling a ‘milk cartoni’.

The milk is like jelly.

It melts into the milk and then when you pour it into the container, it’s like jelly.”

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