School Juice Carton Stamp Makes You Look Like A Superstar From School

Teenage girls in India have been stamping their school cartons with their initials to show that they’re the cream of the crop.

The school lunch stamps are a popular part of India’s school uniform, which is known as the school juice or school carton.

But there are also other ways to show your school pride.

The stamps have become a symbol of school pride in India, as well as the Indian school, in the country’s largest state, Gujarat.

One stamp is known for its design, while another, a green one, is a green stamp that has a picture of a school principal and a school bag.

“We have a school lunch stamp that’s an old school card.

And it’s just an old card with our initials on it,” said Aditya Dasgupta, an official with the Gujarat school board.

The Gujarat school district also has a stamp that is an old green school card, and that’s a green school bag stamp.

“We put that on a stamp,” Dasguptas said.

The stamp in this case is a stamp made from a green juice cartons.

It’s the first time the district has been stampning its school juice with a student’s initials, said Srinivas Yadav, a senior education official in the state.

The district has not done this before.

When asked why they were stamping school juice, the officials said they were trying to bring attention to the importance of schools in the society.

Sudhir Gupta, a professor of social studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University, said the stamping of the school cartones with student’s names is a way to make students feel proud.

It’s also a way for teachers to bring a sense of discipline to the class, he said.

Students also are stamping the juice with the district’s logo, he added.

“It’s just a small change to make them feel more connected to the school,” he said, adding that students are using the stamps to connect with the community.