Which of Marvel’s Marvel characters will be the new star of Marvel TV?

With Marvel Studios continuing to push the boundaries of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seems fitting that the company has a new star for its new show, and a character that’s got some big shoes to fill: Deadpool.

Deadpool is set to star in the upcoming new season of the popular, superhero-centric Netflix series, which is launching this fall.

Marvel’s Deadpool has long been a fan favorite for his colorful and witty style, and we’ve been watching him grow in popularity as time has gone on.

And, to add insult to injury, he’s currently one of the hottest properties on TV right now.

So how does Deadpool fit into all this?

Well, it turns out that Deadpool has been the face of Marvel for a long time.

He’s been in every iteration of the superhero franchise since his earliest days, but the character’s first big screen outing came in the 1980s, in the seminal X-Men cartoon series, The Fantastic Four.

Deadline recently caught up with writer Chris Samnee (who co-wrote the comics for The Fantastic 4) to discuss the evolution of Deadpool in the modern Marvel universe, the importance of a superhero being a fan-favorite, and the importance a character like Deadpool can have.

DeadPool will debut on Netflix on October 25, 2017.

Here are some of the other Marvel characters we know will be making appearances:Miles Morales: Deadpool has appeared in a number of Marvel titles before, but his first appearance in the comics was in the 1986 Deadpool comic book.

In the story Deadpool was a super-powered mercenary hired to investigate the disappearance of his wife, who was believed to be murdered.

However, after finding out the truth about her disappearance, Deadpool was forced to work as a bounty hunter for a time.

When Deadpool eventually returned to the comics, he became the title character, and Deadpool was joined by Miles Morales, the Green Goblin, Spider-Man, and Wolverine.

The team was called Deadpool and The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Deadly Alliance: Deadpool was the main villain in the 1995 graphic novel series, Deadpool: The Weapon.

The Deadpool of that series was a more complex character, as Deadpool was known to have been working for an organization known as the Deadly Alliance.

The book’s title character was a member of the Deadly Avengers, a team that had been formed after the death of a member in Deadpool’s life.

The Deadly Alliance had been created by Magneto, who had recently returned to his former world after being defeated in the Infinity Gauntlet.

In his absence, Deadpool, along with his former teammates and allies, sought revenge for the death and destruction that had happened to his world.

Deadpool eventually came to the aid of the Avengers, and later the X-men, as they fought against the Deadly Association.

The Deadly Alliance later became the Weapon, and was disbanded in the 1990s.

Dead Punisher: Deadpool first appeared in the Marvel Universe in 1991, when writer Brian Michael Bendis introduced Deadpool to the Marvel family.

He was created as a superhero who would go toe-to-toe with Deadpool, an Avengers agent named Erik Killmonger, and other foes in a story that would have made him the second most famous super-hero in the world.

But when Deadpool became Deadpool, his identity as a vigilante was taken from him and he was put on the radar of the government.

This prompted him to leave the Marvel universe and become the new vigilante, and he has since gone on to appear in more Marvel properties, most recently in Deadpool: Sinister Six, a movie that also stars Deadpool.

Deadworld: Deadpool appeared in his first book, Deadpool by Deadpool, published by Marvel Comics in 1988.

He also appeared in many subsequent comics and graphic novels before he was killed off in 1991.

But, unlike the other heroes of the Deadpool universe, he was never given a direct death in his death, but instead left with the mantle of the new Deadpool.

He reappeared in 2000’s Deadpool: Death of a Superhero.

DeadPOOL: Deadpool’s second appearance in Marvel’s cinematic universe came in 1999’s Deadpool, which was also the first time Deadpool had appeared in comics.

The character, a former mercenary, had been hired by the mercenary team known as The Mercs, and when he was sent to hunt down the team, he teamed up with Deadpool.

After a brief fight, the two fought Deadpool and a group of X-MEN, who then destroyed Deadpool’s shield.

But in the aftermath, Deadpool got up and returned to Earth.

Deadbolt: Deadpool is the name of the main character in the DC Comics series, the character who first appeared on the DC comic book line in 1966.

He first appeared as a young man in a series of graphic novels called Deadshot, but he was soon renamed Deadshot in the ’70s series Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Deadpool first got his big screen debut in 1988’s Deadpool and the Mercs.

The character was introduced

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