‘Deadpool’s Milk’ is the first comic book about a superhero that’s not a villain

A comic book adaptation of a superhero’s most famous creation has been officially unveiled, with Deadpool’s Milk being revealed on the first day of the International Comic Book Day celebrations in Australia.

A Deadpool comic book by writer-artist Rob Liefeld is based on the Marvel character Deadpool, which is a former member of the X-Men who is now fighting to protect the world from a cosmic threat.

The first issue of the Deadpool comic is out now, and will be available digitally in July 2018.

The Deadpool comic was initially announced as part of the annual Comic-Con International convention in Las Vegas last year, but was subsequently pushed back for a further two weeks as the company was under contract with the Walt Disney Company.

The new book, written by Liefeleld and illustrated by Rob Lietzel, tells the origin story of Deadpool’s son, Cable, who is a mutant and currently living in the mutant world known as New York City.

“As Deadpool’s father, he has been tasked with leading the Xemnas’ mutants against a new threat that threatens to destroy the world,” Liefel said.

“While there are some things he has yet to do, he is in a position to do some good and protect the mutant race from this new threat.”

“Deadpool is a brilliant character, and his father is a hero,” Lietzl said.

“The first two issues of the series will explore the origin and motivations of Cable, as well as the events that lead up to Deadpool’s birth.”

Cable’s mother was an assassin, but now, with the XEMANS under attack by the mutant virus, Cable is in charge of leading the mutants, fighting the enemy that is the new enemy, and leading the fight against the virus itself.

“Liefelder said the series follows Cable as he struggles to learn how to lead his own mutants, including his son, while dealing with the fallout of the battle against the XEmnas.”

This is an epic series of Deadpool comics that will take Deadpool and Cable on a journey into the mutant universe,” he said.

The team behind Deadpool’s milk is working on a sequel comic book called Deadpool’s Gold.

The first book in the series, Deadpool’s Dairy, is out in August 2018.


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