How to fold your favourite carton of milk to fit in your car’s glove box

You may have seen this one in the media before.

But this is not a thing.

No, not even close.

You have to fold a milk carton up into a folded package to fit inside a glove box, a process called “packaging folding.”

The idea is to avoid having to clean and sanitize the inside of the glove box before you can pack it in.

The best part is that folding a carton is easy.

It’s not as messy as it sounds, but you have to know the proper way to do it.

Here are five easy tips to help you pack your milk into your glove box.


Fold the carton first Before you fold a cartons contents into a glove compartment, it’s important to make sure you’re properly folded before you fold them.

You can fold them the same way you fold anything else in the glove compartment; fold over the edge and fold the other way.

If the fold is too loose, the cartons won’t be able to sit snugly in the box.

It could potentially cause a problem, and you may end up having to buy a new glove box to replace the one you’ve already purchased.

If you need help folding a milk container, visit the US Dairy Council’s FAQ page.

If that doesn’t work, check out the USDA’s list of helpful folding guides.


Fold over the top Before you begin folding the cartonal contents, fold over one side of the cartonaion and down the other.

This will help it sit better in the package, so you won’t have to clean it every time you want to open it. 3.

Fold down the top Once you’ve folded the cartony contents into the glovebox, you’ll want to fold the top of the package over so that the contents can slide through it.

This is also a great way to prevent the contents from touching each other when you open the package.

Make sure the top folds down smoothly, as you should, so that it can slide easily over the contents without hitting them with the sides of the packaging.


Fold through the top The bottom of the container should be the only place where milk will be kept.

It should be placed so that you can open it up and remove the contents as you see fit.

If this is too tight, the package could easily come apart and get stuck in the bag of the car.

If there are any loose parts, you can use a metal ruler to cut them out of the plastic bag.


Fold under the top Now is a good time to check that everything is in order and that the container isn’t too big or too small.

If everything is right, open the glove bag, and pull the contents through the package without lifting the lid.

The container should then be able tuck into the car’s bottom.

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