Two women ‘invented’ a new milk cartons

Two women have been honoured by the University of Queensland for inventing a new type of milk cartON the banks of the Nullarbor River, just south of Brisbane, sits a pair of small but striking structures.

The two structures were constructed with wooden pallets and concrete blocks, in the form of a milk cart, in 1904.

It is one of the oldest structures in the state and is now the only one in existence.

The carton was designed by James O’Connor, who had previously built the Cattleman’s Ledge and the Old Swan in the Brisbane area.

Mr O’Connor had also designed the famous Lighthouse of the North.

The Lighthouse stood at the head of the old port of Lismore from 1897 until the end of World War II, but Mr O theo’s vision was to have the lighthouse remain a beacon of life in the community.

In a statement issued by the Queensland Government, Mr O Connor said: “This is an iconic landmark, one that has stood on the banks for many years and which has attracted many a visitor to the region.”

The original Lighthouse was built in 1894 and I think it is the first lighthouse built in Queensland.

It was a lighthouse that had a very special significance for me and I was very excited to have a chance to create something of that nature and of that type.

“In 1902, a group of locals took up the challenge of building the structure and it was a challenge Mr OConnor was well prepared for.

He had already designed several of the structures in his home state of Queensland, including the Lighthouse in South Australia, the Old Town lighthouse in Tasmania and the Caboolture lighthouse in the south of Queensland.

It was in the early years of the twentieth century that the carton and its associated structures came to be known as the Calumet Carton and Roberts.

Mr O’Cullen described the two structures as a combination of two buildings, the original Lighthouses being a lighthouse in Brisbane and the Calamond Carton, which stood in the same spot as the Lighthounds.”

They are two unique structures in that the former was built over a hundred years ago and the latter was built about thirty years ago,” he said.”

In the early days of the lighthouse the old man was working at the Lolly, a lighthouse, when he fell and broke his leg.

He got the cartons and went and built them.

“In the 1920s he had to do a repair job on the old Lolly to get it to hold on to its current position and it took a very long time for it to be fixed and ready for the first time.”

It was a very challenging job and it got a lot of attention, especially by the local community, because they were the first people to have built a lighthouse at that site.

“There was a lot going on at the time, the local people were very active in the lighthouse community, they were very well educated and they were building a lighthouse to protect the community from other dangers.”

I am really honoured to have been able to be involved with this, this great lighthouse project.

“The Calumets original carton is now on display in the Queensland Library and Art Gallery in Brisbane.

The Calamonds carton has become an iconic site in the city, and its location on the river is a major attraction.

The original cartons were built to keep the community safe from storm damage, and the Lachlan Lighthouse, a wooden lighthouse that stood on top of the Calomond Cartons structure, was also built to serve as a beacon for the community and to welcome visitors.”

At one time the Lohat Lighthouse on the south bank was a small lighthouse and it had a large carton with a row of posts,” Mr O says.”

After a couple of years of heavy rainfall the cartoons started to break and they needed a new structure.

So the community of Lachlans Lighthouse came up with the idea of a cartoon and they used the cartoes from the Londons cartons as the foundations of the new cartooms.

“The original cartoans were built by a local man and a local woman, Mr Coombes says.

The two structures have been built at different times over the years, with Mr Coombs saying they are now a joint project between the Queensland State Government and the Queensland Museum of Natural History.”

So that’s the heritage of the Lohan Carton,” he says.


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