UK: Camel crush cartons go on sale to celebrate 150th anniversary of British camel hunt

The world’s largest camel hunt is being celebrated with the launch of Camel Crush Cartons, a new range of products from a British supplier.

The Camel Crush Collection, which is the largest camel carton ever produced in the UK, features a camel on the front, camel on back and a camel and donkey on the sides.

Camel Crush Carton is the latest in a line of Camel crush products made by the Camel Crush brand.

The range will be available in a range of colours including white, purple, blue, pink, turquoise and pink, with a range in size from 20 litres (4.6 gallons) to 30 litres (8.1 gallons) and the option to upgrade to the larger 20-litre (4-foot-long) Camel Crush Classic.

The products will be launched in England on Monday, with the range going on sale in other parts of the UK by the end of the month.

Cameroonian leader Aduin El Nasser, who led the campaign for the first camel hunt in 1884, is expected to pay tribute to his compatriot in a tweet on Monday.

“Our best camel hunt leader Atefu Aduuq has died in the fight for Camel Crush,” the tweet said.

“Aduin’s son, Ali, will lead the campaign on the next expedition.

We will all remember him for his efforts to unite his people, his passion for camels, his knowledge and his courage.”

Camel crush is one of several traditional and non-traditional camel hunt traditions that have gained international recognition over the past decade.

Clamber Aduen El Nussara, the leader of the camel drive in Mali, will be remembered for a similar effort, but is no longer living.

British officials have been keen to promote camel hunting, which began in the 19th century and has become a staple of modern life.

The hunt has become more popular since the advent of social media and social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter have allowed followers to upload pictures and videos of their own hunts.

Britain’s traditional camel drive is based on the idea of sharing camels with the world.

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