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How to get more milk for less money

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I am a big fan of bulk milk carton products.

While the cost of the cartons is certainly not the only factor to consider, it is certainly a significant factor when it comes to the amount of milk that you can get for the money.

There are a few different types of bulk-milk milk cartoons, but the biggest and most common one that you’ll find in supermarkets is the milk cartoon.

You might be tempted to just buy it online, but this is not the best way to get the milk you need.

In this article, we’ll be going over how to buy bulk milk for the lowest price, as well as a few tips and tricks for getting the best quality milk you can.

There’s a lot more to bulk milk than you might think, so I’m sure you’ll still want to look into buying bulk milk yourself.

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However, this article will cover the basics and will be updated as we go through different types and price ranges.

What Is Bulk Milk?

Bulk milk is milk that has been mixed with sugar, eggs and fat and then refrigerated.

It is usually a mix of one or more types of milk.

It’s commonly referred to as “sugar-free milk”.

This is a mix that contains only sugar, but has a lower fat content.

The best example of this type of milk is the one you see at the supermarket.

This type of bulk dairy product is called “milk with added fat”.

It’s a mixture of milk and cream, with a lot of fat in it.

These kinds of milk are usually used in the making of cheese and cheese products, such as butter and yoghurt.

They can be made in the same way that you would buy bulk food in supermarkets.

It can be cheaper, but there are always the tradeoffs, so make sure you check with your milk supplier for the exact price before you buy.

How Much Does Bulk Milk Cost?

When you buy bulk, it usually comes with a list of all the ingredients.

For example, a 12oz bottle of bulk, white sugar milk will have the following ingredients: Sugar, water, yeast, milk, and salt.

If you buy this milk in bulk, you’ll be paying $3.95 for 12oz, but if you buy it in a carton it might cost $5.00, which is less than a 12-pack.

The same thing applies if you want to buy the bulk milk at a supermarket.

The cost of this milk is based on the amount you buy, so you should be paying less for the product than if you bought it in individual packages.

However, if you have a family, you might want to consider buying the milk in individual cartons rather than buying a package.

So, you want a 12 ounce package of bulk white sugar, white milk and a 12 oz container of bulk cheese.

So what is the difference between a 12 or 16 ounce bottle of milk?

The 12 ounce container of milk comes in 12 different sizes, depending on how much sugar is in the mix.

The 12 oz is the most popular size, and is the largest size milk that is available.

However there are also some other sizes available that you might be able to find cheaper.

There is also a 12 gallon milk cartON, which comes in 32 ounces.

These are the most common sizes, and can usually be found at most supermarkets.

A 16 ounce package also comes in 16 different sizes.

These 16 ounce packages come in 4 different sizes as well, but it’s not always easy to find a 16 ounce milk cartONE.

There also exists 16 ounce white sugar and 16 ounce cream cartON.

These sizes are also used in cheese, cheese-making, and yogurt making.

The size that you find the best at a grocery store is 16 ounce.

How Do I Buy Bulk Milk Online?

If you want the milk that’s best for you, you need to find the milk online.

The easiest way to find bulk milk online is through online milk and milk brands.

The only drawback to online shopping is that you have to pay a subscription fee, which can be quite expensive.

You can usually find the cheapest bulk milk in supermarkets and convenience stores.

Here’s how to get your milk online: First, find the brand of milk you want.

This is usually the milk type that you purchase.

If it’s a regular milk brand, it’s usually the one that comes in a 12 inch or 16 inch carton.

However some brands of milk, such of the cheese-maker brand, come in smaller cartons, which are the best sizes to buy.

Then, you can order your milk through your milk retailer.

For some milk retailers, you simply have to enter the amount that you want in the carton and that’s it.

However for some milk stores, such the grocery store, you have the option to pay with a

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How to create a milk carton form

I’ve spent the past year creating a carton for myself.

I wanted to create something that would allow me to fill my carton with a variety of different kinds of milk, as well as to allow me a place to store a variety, which I’d be able to enjoy the fruits of my labor with.

I created a simple milk cartoons form, and I’m going to show you how to do it.

First, you need to get the basic ingredients for milk cartons, such as milk, cream, sugar, and butter.

The milk cartoon form has three ingredients: milk, sugar and butter, and you fill them all up with the ingredients in the carton.

I’ve filled my milk cartonic form with: 1 cup of milk 1 tablespoon of sugar 1/4 cup of butter 1/2 cup of cream 1/3 cup of salt 1/8 cup of ground almonds (optional) You’ll need to add a little more sugar if you’d like your milk to be a little sweeter.

After filling the milk cartones, you fill the cartones with butter, cream and salt.

You can add a dash of salt, but I didn’t because I was trying to avoid making it too sweet.

Next, you add the ingredients to the milk in a separate bowl. 

I’ve added the milk and the cream and the salt to my milk and cream mixture, but you could also add some of the other ingredients, too.

Then you add your ground almonds and mix well. 

You’re going to have to stir often and keep an eye on the mixture to make sure it doesn’t get too soft. 

The mixture will take about three to four minutes to mix. 

After the mixture has thickened a bit, add a bit of flour and mix.

You should get a soft, smooth paste. 

Fill the milk container up to the top of the milk. 

Now you’re ready to add the nuts. 

Just mix them together, and then you’ll be ready to roll out the cartons. 

If you want to make the cartonic forms, you can just fill your cartons up to about the top, but for the milk forms, the cartoons need to be filled all the way to the bottom. 

For my cartons I filled them all the ways, but if you don’t want to do that, you could always fill the milk carts with a few drops of water and add a few more drops of the butter mixture.

Now, you’re going go ahead and roll out your milk cartont forms. 

Once you have the milk prepared, you will need to fill the form with the nuts as well.

Take a teaspoon or so of the melted butter and place it in the bottom of the form. 

Next, place the milk on top of it, and place the butter on top. 

Make sure that the milk form is all the right size, and don’t worry too much about it. 

When you’ve filled the milk with the milk, take a little bit of the remaining butter and put it into the center of the cartont form. 

  Now, take your butter and dip it into your milk.

Now, use the same tip to dip the butter into the milk as you would for the nuts, and take a bit more. 

Then, using the same bit of butter that you used to dip it in, dip it back into the water. 

And, you should be getting a nice thick paste.

Now fill the next carton up to where you want the milk to sit. 

Place the milk back into your carton, and repeat the process with the next form.

This will take several minutes to do. 

At this point, you might want to add some sugar to the mix to make it a little sweet. 

 Once your cartont is all finished, you’ll want to put your milk in the freezer. 

Don’t forget to put the milk into the freezer so that it’s not going to solidify. 

While you’re waiting for the cartone to solidified, you may want to let the milk cool in the refrigerator. 

It’s best to do this while you’re still in the form, as the frozen milk will keep the milk from solidifying. 

Finally, take the milk out of the refrigerator, put it in a bowl, and stir the milk until it is very cold. 

Add a little salt if you like it a bit sweeter or if you’re adding a little of the ground almonds. 

Your cartonts should now be ready. 

Take them out of their cartons and fill them with milk, and keep them covered in milk until they are ready to be fed. 

(Note: This is a different process than the milk bottle.

You want to fill a container with milk and put the container

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How to make strawberry milk with a carton of egg cartons

The idea of making homemade strawberry milk came to me from a woman in Mumbai.

The milk, she said, was her mother’s favourite.

“I am not a big milk person but I love to make my own,” she said.

I was intrigued, so I decided to make some.

The first step was to find the right ingredients.

I used a cartons of eggs and vanilla extract in my recipe, but you can use any other milk or dairy products.

I also added a splash of sugar to the mix, so the milk didn’t taste like regular milk.

After a few minutes, the milk was thick and creamy.

The next step was finding the right temperature.

For a creamy milk, I wanted it to be warm enough for the egg whites to cook and warm enough to the cartons for the milk to cook.

So I used an oven thermometer to measure the milk temperature.

It was at 145 degrees Fahrenheit, and the milk did not turn to ice, so it was ready to go.

The only thing missing was a lid.

I took a couple of hours to assemble the carton and milk, which I made into custards.

The custards were perfect.

They were rich and creamy, with a sweet flavour that I couldn’t put down.

A recipe that takes three hours to make is not a recipe for success.

I’m not going to get into a full-blown argument about whether you should buy a cartoner or not, just to say that this is a very simple and delicious way to make homemade strawberry milks.

This recipe makes six custards (including two sweet and two savoury ones), so you can freeze the custards to use later.

Make your own strawberry milk recipe to use as a holiday gift

How to Save $500 a Year by Avoiding the Carton Craft Issue

Carton craft is the issue that has me most frustrated by the industry.

It’s a topic I’ve covered in this blog before, but it deserves its own article.

In the past, I’ve explained why it’s not worth it to make your own containers for a lot of reasons, including the cost of the materials, the possibility that they won’t hold water, and the risk of the containers being ruined or leaking.

The latest round of data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) provides further insight into what is going on with the industry, and there are a number of steps you can take to mitigate the risk.

First, if you want to make something reusable, the most important thing is to make it from scratch.

This means not only making a plastic container for yourself, but also making a glass container or ceramic container that will be reusable.

Second, consider using an open container method.

A reusable container can be made of anything that will hold water and hold it in place.

However, the glass containers and ceramic containers that I have in my home will probably never hold more than a couple of gallons of water and will likely leak.

Finally, you should never use a plastic bottle or plastic straw to make a reusable container.

This is because plastic bottles and straws are prone to breakage and will eventually break, so you are essentially paying for a disposable product.

This applies equally to glass containers that you use for your own personal use.

However I would still recommend that you keep an open jar of water in the kitchen, in case you need to make an open-container version of your own container for your personal use, or if you are making a batch of your favorite beverage or ice cream.

Lastly, I’d encourage you to keep an eye on the quality of your containers.

It is important to note that not all containers are created equal, and if you choose to make containers for yourself and have an open source container for each one, it is very important to be able to compare the quality.

For example, if your container is made from a polypropylene bottle, it may be a bit of a pain to open it.

That’s fine.

But if you don’t have an extra piece of paper to record all the measurements and keep track of the amount of water inside, then you’re probably just throwing out a bad product.

I know this is not the place to tell you that the glass bottles I’ve made for myself are the most environmentally friendly glass containers.

They are just a bit better than what I’ve had to make myself.

I would not recommend using a plastic jar for anything.

Finally and most importantly, be careful about what you use.

As I have said before, plastic bottles are not only extremely flammable, but they are also not suitable for reuse.

I have made plastic containers that are quite strong and durable, but I would never recommend them for anything else.

If you want a container that is reusable, then I would recommend that we use a reusable glass bottle.

The glass bottles are lighter than a plastic one, and they are much more durable.

I also recommend that if you have a glass bottle that you are storing, you make a bottle with a seal that is much stronger than the plastic one.

For some reason, glass bottles do not fit perfectly into the plastic containers, and that makes it hard to seal them.

However if you make your containers with a plastic seal, the plastic bottles will just slide in and out of the holes that you put in your glass containers, which is very easy to fix.

It doesn’t matter how sturdy your container becomes, it doesn’t really matter if you use a polycarbonate or polypropene seal, you just have to make sure that your container has a strong seal.

And remember that plastic bottles have an extremely low melting point.

I can safely say that you can easily melt a plastic glass bottle, and I have done so many times.

I am not exaggerating when I say that it’s very difficult to shatter glass bottles, and it is even harder to melt a polyethylene glass bottle in your kitchen.

As an alternative to glass, I have found that ceramic containers can be much more environmentally friendly.

In fact, I am a fan of ceramic containers.

However ceramic containers are not as sturdy as glass containers or glass bottles.

You can melt a ceramic container and then reassemble it into a plastic containers using the same seal, but that will cost you a lot more money than you would pay for a glass glass container.

You are better off purchasing a ceramic jar or glass container, which will give you a much higher water resistance.

However the ceramic container will be more expensive than the glass jar or plastic container, so I would strongly recommend using glass containers for everything, including containers for your kitchen and a small aquarium.

‘It’s a bit like being in a club’: Liverpool’s new manager speaks to his players about life in the capital

Liverpool have made the first signing of the summer in the form of Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne.

De Bruyne is the club’s first signing in the summer transfer window after signing a five-year contract on Thursday.

The 20-year-old Belgium international made a name for himself last season with the Belgian club, which reached the UEFA Champions League final, and has already scored three goals in 19 appearances for City this term.

De Luz was named the Premier League Player of the Month for January and has also played for Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City.

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UK: Camel crush cartons go on sale to celebrate 150th anniversary of British camel hunt

The world’s largest camel hunt is being celebrated with the launch of Camel Crush Cartons, a new range of products from a British supplier.

The Camel Crush Collection, which is the largest camel carton ever produced in the UK, features a camel on the front, camel on back and a camel and donkey on the sides.

Camel Crush Carton is the latest in a line of Camel crush products made by the Camel Crush brand.

The range will be available in a range of colours including white, purple, blue, pink, turquoise and pink, with a range in size from 20 litres (4.6 gallons) to 30 litres (8.1 gallons) and the option to upgrade to the larger 20-litre (4-foot-long) Camel Crush Classic.

The products will be launched in England on Monday, with the range going on sale in other parts of the UK by the end of the month.

Cameroonian leader Aduin El Nasser, who led the campaign for the first camel hunt in 1884, is expected to pay tribute to his compatriot in a tweet on Monday.

“Our best camel hunt leader Atefu Aduuq has died in the fight for Camel Crush,” the tweet said.

“Aduin’s son, Ali, will lead the campaign on the next expedition.

We will all remember him for his efforts to unite his people, his passion for camels, his knowledge and his courage.”

Camel crush is one of several traditional and non-traditional camel hunt traditions that have gained international recognition over the past decade.

Clamber Aduen El Nussara, the leader of the camel drive in Mali, will be remembered for a similar effort, but is no longer living.

British officials have been keen to promote camel hunting, which began in the 19th century and has become a staple of modern life.

The hunt has become more popular since the advent of social media and social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter have allowed followers to upload pictures and videos of their own hunts.

Britain’s traditional camel drive is based on the idea of sharing camels with the world.

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Why do you drink milk carton juice instead of milk?

Posted October 11, 2018 05:10:56The simple fact is that you can get your favorite milk cartON juice at any of these stores.

But the most convenient is to go to the supermarket and buy the juice carton clipsArtisanal milk cartones from the U.S. are sold in all the major supermarkets and even Costco and Whole Foods.

The juice cartons are available in three flavors, but in addition to being made of pure milk, they are also made with the juice from the dairy cow’s ovaries.

In some states, they can contain ingredients that may cause cancer.

The reason for this is because the juice is manufactured using milk from cows who are suffering from a chronic disease.

This causes the ovaries to become more acidic and produce more milk, which then has to be passed on to the cows.

This is why most of the juice you see in grocery stores is from dairy cows.

But in other countries, the juices are from cows raised for meat.

They’re also made from cows that have been treated for diseases that cause cancers.

And these are the same cows that produce the juice that is now being marketed as “juice” in the grocery store.

Artisan-produced milk cartone juice can contain up to 40 percent milk by weight.

And while most of this juice is pure milk from the cows, some of it is from cows with a cancer-causing disease.

As with all milk products, the risk of cancer is very high when you consume it.

But there are ways to avoid this risk.

To learn more about the health risks of milk and milk products and how you can reduce your risk of disease, visit the U of A Milk Nutrition and Prevention webpage.

Creamy milk is made from the milk of the cow that gives birth to the milk.

And milk is typically stored in the form of a milky liquid called cream.

When the cow’s milk dries, it becomes a solid that you use to make soups and other beverages.

The process is similar to when a cow produces a yogurt, except the yogurt is made of lactose, which is a sugar.

The milk has a flavor that is more similar to that of a cream cheese than a yogurt.

The more cream the cow produces, the more sugar it produces.

If you want a healthy, dairy-free alternative to a milkshake, consider this: Dairy-free cream cheeses are made with natural flavors, not artificial flavors.

How to use the manualidades command to convert a carton to a coffee carton

Cakes and coffee cups are very popular in many countries, but they are not as common in the United States as they are in the UK, Canada, or Australia.

To convert a coffee cup to a cartons coffee, you can use the manualidade command.

The manualidade is a command that you can run from a command prompt.

You can find the manual idade in the menu bar of your operating system.

To open a command window, press Alt + F4.

Type the command manualidad.

The manual idade will then open in your Command Prompt.

To get started, type the following command: manualidaderad The manual idaderad command will give you the following output: Cork.

Coffee:Cork = 0 Cork = 1 Cork = 2 Cork = 3 Cork = 4 Cork = 5 Cork = 6 Cork = 7 Cork = 8 Cork = 9 Cork = 10 Cork = 11 Cork = 12 Cork = 13 Cork = 14 Cork = 15 Cork = 16 Cork = 17 Cork = 18 Cork = 19 Cork = 20 Cork = 21 Cork = 22 Cork = 23 Cork = 24 Cork = 25 Cork = 26 Cork = 27 Cork = 28 Cork = 29 Cork = 30 Cork = 31 Cork = 32 Cork = 33 Cork = 34 Cork = 35 Cork = 36 Cork = 37 Cork = 38 Cork = 39 Cork = 40 Cork = 41 Cork = 42 Cork = 43 Cork = 44 Cork = 45 Cork = 46 Cork = 47 Cork = 48 Cork = 49 Cork = 50 Cork = 51 Cork = 52 Cork = 53 Cork = 54 Cork = 55 Cork = 56 Cork = 57 Cork = 58 Cork = 59 Cork = 60 Cork = 61 Cork = 62 Cork = 63 Cork = 64 Cork = 65 Cork = 66 Cork = 67 Cork = 68 Cork = 69 Cork = 70 Cork = 71 Cork = 72 Cork = 73 Cork = 74 Cork = 75 Cork = 76 Cork = 77 Cork = 78 Cork = 79 Cork = 80 Cork = 81 Cork = 82 Cork = 83 Cork = 84 Cork = 85 Cork = 86 Cork = 87 Cork = 88 Cork = 89 Cork = 90 Cork = 91 Cork = 92 Cork = 93 Cork = 94 Cork = 95 Cork = 96 Cork = 97 Cork = 98 Cork = 99 Cork = 100 Cork = 101 Cork = 102 Cork = 103 Cork = 104 Cork = 105 Cork = 106 Cork = 107 Cork = 108 Cork = 109 Cork = 110 Cork = 111 Cork = 112 Cork = 113 Cork = 114 Cork = 115 Cork = 116 Cork = 117 Cork = 118 Cork = 119 Cork = 120 Cork = 121 Cork = 122 Cork = 123 Cork = 124 Cork = 125 Cork = 126 Cork = 127 Cork = 128 Cork = 129 Cork = 130 Cork = 131 Cork = 132 Cork = 133 Cork = 134 Cork = 135 Cork = 136 Cork = 137 Cork = 138 Cork = 139 Cork = 140 Cork = 141 Cork = 142 Cork = 143 Cork = 144 Cork = 145 Cork = 146 Cork = 147 Cork = 148 Cork = 149 Cork = 150 Cork = 151 Cork = 152 Cork = 153 Cork = 154 Cork = 155 Cork = 156 Cork = 157 Cork = 158 Cork = 159 Cork = 160 Cork = 161 Cork = 162 Cork = 163 Cork = 164 Cork = 165 Cork = 166 Cork = 167 Cork = 168 Cork = 169 Cork = 170 Cork = 171 Cork = 172 Cork = 173 Cork = 174 Cork = 175 Cork = 176 Cork = 177 Cork = 178 Cork = 179 Cork = 180 Cork = 181 Cork = 182 Cork = 183 Cork = 184 Cork = 185 Cork = 186 Cork = 187 Cork = 188 Cork = 189 Cork = 190 Cork = 191 Cork = 192 Cork = 193 Cork = 194 Cork = 195 Cork = 196 Cork = 197 Cork = 198 Cork = 199 Cork = 200 Cork = 201 Cork = 202 Cork = 203 Cork = 204 Cork = 205 Cork = 206 Cork = 207 Cork = 208 Cork = 209 Cork = 210 Cork = 211 Cork = 212 Cork = 213 Cork = 214 Cork = 215 Cork = 216 Cork = 217 Cork = 218 Cork = 219 Cork = 220 Cork = 221 Cork = 222 Cork = 223 Cork = 224 Cork = 225 Cork = 226 Cork = 227 Cork = 228 Cork = 229 Cork = 230 Cork = 231 Cork = 232 Cork = 233 Cork = 234 Cork = 235 Cork = 236 Cork = 237 Cork = 238 Cork = 239 Cork = 240 Cork = 241 Cork = 242 Cork = 243 Cork = 244 Cork = 245 Cork = 246 Cork = 247 Cork = 248 Cork = 249 Cork = 250 Cork = 251 Cork = 252 Cork = 253 Cork = 254 Cork = 255 Cork = 256 Cork = 257 Cork = 258 Cork = 259 Cork = 260 Cork = 261 Cork = 262 Cork = 263 Cork = 264 Cork = 265 Cork = 266 Cork = 267 Cork = 268 Cork = 269 Cork = 270 Cork = 271 Cork = 272

How to Save Money at the Mall by Paying More for Merchandise, Not Less

Posted August 02, 2018 09:02:00 As a retailer, I think it’s important to recognize the importance of quality merchandise to consumers.

But what I don’t see in a lot of stores is a great deal of attention paid to the quality of the items themselves.

I have been trying to make this happen with my own store, and I think I’ve come up with a solution.

The process is simple: buy the merchandise that I sell at the store, but then buy more of the same items.

The items that I do not sell will be labeled “shopping cart,” or “sales,” or some other name that makes the most sense to me.

My philosophy has been that we should never sell the same thing twice.

So for example, if I want to buy a $5 box of clothes from a store in Las Vegas, I should buy a bunch of other items from my store, including more shirts and sweaters and more dresses and more hats.

These items are labeled “sale,” but they are all in the same place, which means the customer has no idea what the difference is between the items.

And if you want to get more out of your salespeople, you should get rid of those boxes.

So, for example: If I want a $25 box of jeans, I can buy one more pair of jeans at my store and get another $25.

If I wanted a $40 box of shoes, I could buy another pair of shoes at my site and buy another $40.

I’ll buy a box of clothing that I want at least twice as much.

This system saves me money in the long run.

I can’t promise that this will solve all your shopping problems, but it’s a start.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be doing more research on how I can apply this concept to my store’s website, so stay tuned.

For now, I’m excited to be working on my next book, The Perfect Retailer, and am looking forward to sharing it with you!

This article was written by Erin Fung, a Certified Retail Associate, and originally appeared in the August 2, 2018 issue of Fortune.

Two women ‘invented’ a new milk cartons

Two women have been honoured by the University of Queensland for inventing a new type of milk cartON the banks of the Nullarbor River, just south of Brisbane, sits a pair of small but striking structures.

The two structures were constructed with wooden pallets and concrete blocks, in the form of a milk cart, in 1904.

It is one of the oldest structures in the state and is now the only one in existence.

The carton was designed by James O’Connor, who had previously built the Cattleman’s Ledge and the Old Swan in the Brisbane area.

Mr O’Connor had also designed the famous Lighthouse of the North.

The Lighthouse stood at the head of the old port of Lismore from 1897 until the end of World War II, but Mr O theo’s vision was to have the lighthouse remain a beacon of life in the community.

In a statement issued by the Queensland Government, Mr O Connor said: “This is an iconic landmark, one that has stood on the banks for many years and which has attracted many a visitor to the region.”

The original Lighthouse was built in 1894 and I think it is the first lighthouse built in Queensland.

It was a lighthouse that had a very special significance for me and I was very excited to have a chance to create something of that nature and of that type.

“In 1902, a group of locals took up the challenge of building the structure and it was a challenge Mr OConnor was well prepared for.

He had already designed several of the structures in his home state of Queensland, including the Lighthouse in South Australia, the Old Town lighthouse in Tasmania and the Caboolture lighthouse in the south of Queensland.

It was in the early years of the twentieth century that the carton and its associated structures came to be known as the Calumet Carton and Roberts.

Mr O’Cullen described the two structures as a combination of two buildings, the original Lighthouses being a lighthouse in Brisbane and the Calamond Carton, which stood in the same spot as the Lighthounds.”

They are two unique structures in that the former was built over a hundred years ago and the latter was built about thirty years ago,” he said.”

In the early days of the lighthouse the old man was working at the Lolly, a lighthouse, when he fell and broke his leg.

He got the cartons and went and built them.

“In the 1920s he had to do a repair job on the old Lolly to get it to hold on to its current position and it took a very long time for it to be fixed and ready for the first time.”

It was a very challenging job and it got a lot of attention, especially by the local community, because they were the first people to have built a lighthouse at that site.

“There was a lot going on at the time, the local people were very active in the lighthouse community, they were very well educated and they were building a lighthouse to protect the community from other dangers.”

I am really honoured to have been able to be involved with this, this great lighthouse project.

“The Calumets original carton is now on display in the Queensland Library and Art Gallery in Brisbane.

The Calamonds carton has become an iconic site in the city, and its location on the river is a major attraction.

The original cartons were built to keep the community safe from storm damage, and the Lachlan Lighthouse, a wooden lighthouse that stood on top of the Calomond Cartons structure, was also built to serve as a beacon for the community and to welcome visitors.”

At one time the Lohat Lighthouse on the south bank was a small lighthouse and it had a large carton with a row of posts,” Mr O says.”

After a couple of years of heavy rainfall the cartoons started to break and they needed a new structure.

So the community of Lachlans Lighthouse came up with the idea of a cartoon and they used the cartoes from the Londons cartons as the foundations of the new cartooms.

“The original cartoans were built by a local man and a local woman, Mr Coombes says.

The two structures have been built at different times over the years, with Mr Coombs saying they are now a joint project between the Queensland State Government and the Queensland Museum of Natural History.”

So that’s the heritage of the Lohan Carton,” he says.


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