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Dairy futures to surge to $30 a barrel in October, warns report

Dairy futures are set to surge higher after US dairy stocks soared earlier this week.

The US Department of Agriculture’s futures price for milk products surged from $26.80 a gallon to $31.25.

“The price of milk is going up, it’s going to be higher than that and it will continue to rise,” dairy futures strategist Brian Williams told The Wall Street Journal.

“I would say that’s a pretty big jump.”

The price of the most expensive commodity in dairy futures has risen more than 40 per cent over the past year, as the global economy has become more reliant on milk as a source of protein.

The price for the cheapest commodity, butter, has also risen.

Dairy futures, which are traded in the US on the US futures exchange, have risen more dramatically than other commodities such as energy and wheat in recent months, as consumers have increasingly turned to other options to feed their families.

The US Department on Wednesday said that dairy futures had recovered from the last session of trading, which ended at $30.95 a gallon on Thursday, and were expected to increase to $33.30 by the end of October.

“The price on the futures market has now returned to a level that was reached prior to the September 19 session,” the department said in a statement.

“As a result, the US milk futures are poised to return to their prior levels.”

Dairy futures are traded on the Futures Market, a US exchange controlled by the US Department at the US dollar.

The futures are calculated in relation to the price of a basket of commodity futures, and are not an actual market price.

However, a basket is one commodity which is priced at the same price across several different futures exchanges.

A basket of futures markets which include the US has a similar name to the basket of commodities futures which includes the commodity futures market in which dairy futures are listed.

US dairy futures rose more than 10 per cent on Wednesday after the futures price was boosted on Wednesday by the Federal Reserve’s decision to begin raising interest rates by a quarter-point.

The dollar jumped to $1.2795 from $1,2724.

A dollar is a unit of currency.

The current US dollar index is up 2.3 per cent since June 23.

On Tuesday, US dairy futures were trading at a US$30 a gallon level, the highest since April 30.

Dairies in the United States have been on a steep decline over the last few years, as they have been forced to import a lot of milk to feed families.

Hillary Clinton wins Michigan, New Hampshire primary in new poll

NEW HAVEN, N.H. — Hillary Clinton captured the Democratic nomination Monday, defeating Republican rival Donald Trump in Michigan, a big victory for her bid to become the party’s first female nominee in U.S. history.

Clinton won the state by nearly 2.5 percentage points over Trump, according to exit polls.

Clinton was followed by Bernie Sanders, a Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate, who finished second with 1.4 percentage points.

The poll of more than 1,000 likely Democratic voters was conducted between July 28 and Aug. 6.

Clinton beat Trump by 12 percentage points, while Sanders won by 10 points.

Clinton also led the race among likely voters nationally, with 44 percent backing her and 42 percent supporting Sanders.

Trump’s support dropped by more than 5 percentage points to 16 percent, and Clinton’s fell by 3 percentage points among the most likely to vote in the primary.

“It’s a very significant win for Hillary,” said Democratic strategist Mark Penn.

“This is a huge day for the Clinton campaign.

We’ll see how long they can sustain it.”

Clinton, who was campaigning in Michigan from the state capitol in Lansing, won in a tight race.

Trump held a slight edge among men, but his support among women dropped, to 13 percent.

In a blow to Trump, Sanders received a boost from a boost in Democratic support from younger voters.

Trump and Sanders won support from the young and Hispanic voters that had supported Clinton during the primaries, Penn said.

Trump, a former reality TV star, won support among Hispanics, women and African Americans by a wider margin than any other group.

He also gained support from college-educated voters, including college graduates, younger voters and those with college degrees.

The numbers are also consistent with Trump’s lead among white voters in the state, who supported him by double digits.

Trump won support in the Rust Belt, and Trump won Michigan by a wide margin among white women, who backed him by 7 points.

Trump had a much tougher time winning among voters of color.

He lost support among whites and Hispanics by about a half-point each, but lost support from blacks, and white men, by double-digits.

In the primary, Clinton received a similar amount of support from whites, Hispanics and blacks, but Trump received a much bigger amount of white support.

The exit polls also showed that more people of color voted for Clinton than Trump.

Among white voters, 55 percent of whites backed Clinton, compared with 31 percent for Trump.

The percentage of whites who backed Clinton also was lower than the same group of voters in Ohio, where Trump won by about 18 percentage points in the presidential race.

The state’s exit poll was conducted before the Republican National Convention, when the party adopted a new platform, a strategy to woo minority voters.

Clinton and Trump campaigned together in the early days of the convention, and both campaigned in Detroit, which was then a predominantly African American city.

Clinton has been in the spotlight since she won the nomination in June.

But her loss Monday came despite the convention platform.

In an email to supporters, Clinton said she was grateful for the outpouring of support, but she acknowledged that the convention was not the only factor.

“I would ask that you consider this our best opportunity to win,” she wrote.

Clinton told supporters at a Monday night rally that she wanted to take a “long, hard look at what happened” and address her campaign’s struggles.

“But I know we’re going to win and I know you’re going the right way,” she said.

Clinton said her focus will now be on building on the progress made in the campaign and continuing to improve her economic message.

“We’re going back to the ground floor,” she added.

Trump also faced tough news in the polls.

He won New Hampshire by only about 1 percentage point, with the state’s Democratic primary voting scheduled to begin Aug. 5.

Trump finished third in New Hampshire, according in exit polls, and had the support of just 15 percent of likely voters.

In Michigan, he won the Granite State by only a few points, with about 8 percent of the vote counted.

Trump has struggled to win over Republican voters in recent weeks, though he did win over the state Republican Party’s largest group of delegates.

The Trump campaign’s pollster, Kellyanne Conway, tweeted Monday that Trump was in the “vacuum” and that he needed to win Michigan.

“Michigan is going to be a critical state for the Trump campaign.

It’s going to give them the momentum and they need to win it,” Conway said in an interview on CNN.

“The fact is, he lost by double digit margins.

He needed Michigan.”

A new poll released Tuesday showed Trump with a three-point lead over Clinton among likely Republican primary voters in Michigan.

It was the second poll of its kind to show Trump with the lead in the Grantham News/Siena College Polling Institute survey. The

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