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How to make a perfect, carton of Buttermilk for your children

Cartons of milk and other foods are not exactly what you’d expect to be on your shelf, but that’s exactly what a carton contains.

They’re usually used for serving to people with special needs and the elderly.

A carton has a lid, and on the bottom there’s a straw to pour milk into.

A straw contains a plastic container that contains milk, a bag of ice, a couple of teaspoons of cream and a bottle of water.

The milk and ice are then placed inside a straw, and the container is capped with a lid.

This keeps the milk from freezing, which is why the carton is sometimes called a carto.

A child’s carton can hold up to six ounces of milk, and adults and small children can eat a couple cups of milk.

When the carto is opened, the contents of the container are mixed with a small amount of milk for a meal or a snack.

This is usually done as part of a meal with other people, or by making a snack with food from the cart.

A family member can also open a cartoon for their children.

The carto may be empty, but if there are any empty milk containers, you can pour them into a bowl and place them in the cart on top of the straw.

When you’re finished, the straw is removed and the milk is poured into the container.

The straw is usually used in the afternoon, or sometimes after work, for a snack or a drink.

The only downside of a cartonet of milk is that it can be very messy when it’s empty.

The top and bottom of the cartonet should not touch.

You’ll need to wash it, though, and you can use a rag to clean the straw as well.

You can also use a paper towel to help get rid of any spilled milk.


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