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Trump’s plan to privatize the US Postal Service is just the beginning

Trump is trying to privatise the US postal service.

And, with a Republican in the White House, he’s taking the first steps toward it.

In a bid to save $1.2 trillion, the president plans to privatisation the US Post Office.

The plan, known as Trump’s “Bipartisan Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act”, was announced by the president on Tuesday.

Trump’s plans for postal reform are in line with his other election promises, which have included privatisation of the Veterans Affairs system, the Postal Service, and the Federal Reserve.

The Postal Service and the Department of Veterans Affairs are both under Republican control.

A majority of Congress now backs the plan, according to a USA Today/Gallup poll.

The Trump administration is looking to make a series of moves in the postal sector, according the Washington Post.

Among them, Trump wants to privatising the Postal Services’ core functions, like mail sorting and tracking, as well as the National Archives and Records Administration.

The administration wants to sell off the US’ first two post offices to private interests, and it is also considering a plan to use the money to reduce the federal deficit.

A second White House initiative, the National Rural Electrification Initiative, is also looking to privatises the postal service and other federal agencies.

In addition to privatisations, Trump is also proposing to cut $1 trillion in public spending, according an Axios report.

According to the plan released by the administration, the first phase would see the USPS slash its $50 billion in operating costs and $200 billion in spending.

The second phase would save the USPS an additional $20 billion.

The cuts would come from the Postal Accountability Office, which would be created under the plan.

The US Postal Services would also have to lay off 8 million workers.

The postal service currently has around 8.5 million workers and has a $70 billion annual budget.

A report released by Trump’s transition team last month said the postal services savings would be “significant”.

The USPS currently has about 5.5 billion dollars in debt, and a portion of that amount is owned by the federal government.

The $200 million to $250 million the USPS is seeking to privatised is also a drop in the bucket for the agency.

According the Associated Press, Trump has yet to reveal how he plans to cut spending on the Postal Department.

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‘A new type of milk’ for the Sydney market

The city has a new way to source milk: it’s an Aussie-made carton.

The NSW Health Department said the Sydney Carton Co, based in Ipswich, would begin selling its milk cartons in November.

The city is one of Australia’s largest milk producers and consumers are clamouring for the milk to be made in Australia.

Health Minister Jillian Skinner said the milk cartoning initiative was “a great opportunity to deliver on our promise to provide quality dairy products for the people of Sydney”.

“I’m proud of the NSW Government’s leadership in this initiative and will continue to work with the industry to ensure the quality of milk available to Sydney consumers remains at the best possible level,” she said.

“The Sydney Cartons have been a key part of Sydney’s milk supply for decades, and I am confident they will continue in this role for years to come.”

The milk cartones, which come in a variety of flavours and sizes, are the result of the city’s dairy farms being left behind by the milk processing industry.

In 2014, the state government bought and refurbished two of the dairy farms, which are run by a consortium called The Dairy Farmers Association.

While there are no plans to import milk from the farms, the milk could be made locally in Sydney.

The milk is manufactured at the Ipswich Dairy Farm and is used in Sydney’s iconic Sydney Milk Cartons.

The Sydney Cartones have been used for more than 20 years and were designed to provide the ideal balance between flavour and texture for consumers.


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