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What to look for when shopping for acrylic milk cans

A plastic milk cartons has become a popular item among Canadian consumers, but one brand says they are an “absolute waste.”CBC News has learned that the acrylic milk can is being sold by several companies in the province of Quebec, as well as in Ontario and British Columbia.

In the past few months, the brand known as Marlboro has sold thousands of cans of acrylic milk, which are made with a mixture of soy and corn starch, and are also used in a wide range of other products.

According to a spokesperson for the brand, the cans are a “great way to bring attention to an issue” and that they are designed to help “make a difference in communities around the world.”

But the spokesperson said they are not designed for everyday use, and it’s not clear if they are safe for people who use them daily.CBC News obtained a copy of the Marlobrew cans and asked the company about its safety.

A spokesperson told CBC News that the brand is committed to its sustainability program, and that the company will soon launch a new line of cans, which they say are “designed to bring awareness to an area of concern, rather than to replace the product.”CBC is asking the Marlovabrew company to clarify its statement and to provide an update on its commitment to sustainability.


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