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U.S. government is paying off milk cartons with milk from China

By LOUIS HUTCHES, APWASHINGTON (AP) The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization is sending a letter to the U.K. and the European Union urging them to limit imports of Chinese milk products, citing safety concerns.

The U-N.

agency said in a letter on Friday that the Chinese government was supplying a large amount of Chinese food products to countries in Europe.

The food agency said the milk and milk products had been produced using the same technology that is being used in China.

China is the world’s largest producer of milk and the world champion at making milk cheese.

China has been criticized for not paying a fair price for the milk it imports, saying it’s cheaper to produce cheese in the U., where the price is lower.

The agency said there are about 2.6 million tons of milk in the world, of which about 1.3 million tons is exported to the European countries.

China imports most of its milk from South Korea.

The letter comes after Britain, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark and Switzerland agreed in April to restrict their purchases of Chinese cheese from April 1.

The British government said in June that it was considering reducing the amount of cheese it would buy from China.


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